Detailing isn’t just for the birds anymore.

Offshore Speedboat
Offshore Speedboat

After work I spend my free time between traveling places and going out boating in the California Delta.

Top_Offshore       While I am out there I always meet new and interesting people. The question always comes up… “What do you do for a living?” When I say custom airplane details; I get the next question. Do you detail boats? Or I have an antique car, can you come detail it for me?

The answer is, yes!

Once again, It is like De Ja Vu… There is a need for what I do outside of the aviation industry.

So, I began modestly on smaller boats and a few modern cars. Then I couldn’t resist the draw of antiques. So, on to Model T’s and even old wood boats like the 1954 Matthew’s shown below.

45' 1954 Matthews
45′ 1954 Matthews

All my work is dry wash or with oil (As in the case of wood boats). I pride myself on not using water and maintaining Eco-Friendly solutions at the same time.


I will even get to detail someones brand new “baby” when they bring it home.



I find I can not resist the look and feel of a clean and UV protected vehicle. No matter what it is. I get a sense of pride after personally going over every nook and cranny of an object to make it it’s best looking it can be.

 So, I am happy to announce. If you are in the California Delta Region and want a quality detail for your yacht, or specialized vehicle. I can help you. 



Jessica’s of Jessica’s Details



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